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Review: The Immortals of Meluha / Author: Amish / Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books / Release Date: January 14th

Everyone likes a good myth or legend, but it's also fascinating to imagine how such stories might have originated in real people or events. That's the idea behind this book. An ancient people is threatened by a violent enemy, and one man rises to be their protector. His name is Shiva.

From the off, we see how Shiva and his people struggle in their day to day lives. After one particularly brutal battle, the decision is made to move the village, and it's this that sets in things in motion and decides the fate of our protagonist. The story moves from Shiva as an adult and goes back to events in his younger days – a device which helps the reader to understand the world in which the story is set. Never spending too much time in the same place or with the same characters, the narrative zips along, ensuring that the reader is gripped throughout.

Amish has crafted a thrilling story of war and heroism – a tale full of a sense of impending danger and a vivid illustration of how one man can alter the course of events. The success of this book so far is well deserved and the next instalment of this story is much anticipated. This is a must-read for any fans of history or fantasy novels.

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