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Review: Star Wars The Old Republic: Annihilation / Author: Drew Karpyshyn / Publisher: Titan Books / Release Date: Out Now

A long time ago in a room far, far away, George Lucas put pen to paper and spawned the greatest popular cultural revolution of the 20th century. Now we have films, games and more toys than it would take to fill a Sarlacc. We also have an abundance of books with their own galaxy spanning stories, set of characters and strange locations. Star Wars The Old Republic: Annihilation is one of those books and what a book it is…

We begin in a cave; a Jedi master gives birth to her son but gives him away so she can focus on her duty of defending the galaxy against the Sith. Already the stage is set for a narrative of both personal and galactic proportions, for the fate of one does indeed affect many. This is a theme which runs through many stories in the Star Wars canon, the template of which was Anakin and how his decisions changed the lives of millions. Theron is the son of the Jedi master, a republic operative who is dedicated to protecting the citizens of the republic. While he isn’t a Jedi, he does have a certain set of skills which aid him in his line of work. The descriptions of the fight scenes in which he is involved have pace, excitement and fun. Within the first few chapters, Theron becomes very likeable and support of him in his adventure grows page by page.

The other characters, such as Supreme Commander of the Republic, Jace Malcolm and Jedi Master Gnost-Dural, are well thought out. Supporting Theron in his mission as well as hindering him because of personal revelations revealed mid way in the book. The highlight however comes in the form of Darth Karrid, a truly evil Sith Lord who lays waste to any who oppose her. With her force controlled dreadnought ship, she is a villain that one can almost empathise with. She has a way with words and the way she talks her way around situations to get what she wants is a pleasure to read.

It is when the story becomes complex that it can be fully appreciated. The author’s attention to detail with the characters is to be commended also. The detail of the locations is immense, making worlds such as Nar Shadda, with its bustling streets, speeder chases and shady characters, come alive.

The author’s appreciation of an established universe such as this is apparent, which makes the book an absolute joy to read. Complementing the Star Wars The Old Republic videogame nicely, Annihilation is not to be missed.

It is advised that you watch the Return Hope trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic below, as it will provide some context as it involves characters from the book.

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