Book Review: Along the Splintered Path

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Review: Along the Splintered Path / Author: AJ Brown / Format: eBook / Release date: Out now 

The money fell from heaven. That much Phillip was sure of. 

AJ Brown’s debut novella presents three short stories of moralistic caution, human failings, and dark, unrelenting horror. He has a fresh, unique voice that brings the characters to life with a skill and experience that makes this a real page turner all the way to its deliciously macabre ending.

So, this guy can knows how to write.

In Phillip’s Story, a tramp discovers a bag of money that changes his life, but in a series of flashbacks we learn that the money has a violent history littered with carnage and death. But in a wonderful twist we see seeds of hope spring from its bloodied past. Phillip’s Story is worth the cover price alone, which by the way is a modest £1.98. 

Round these Bones is a grim survival story of a man who after a bitter split with his partner takes a plunge off a cliff in his car. He lives, although injured, and realises that he won’t be able to make it back to the road without help. Which is a problem, because it’s the grip of winter and it’s cold - oh, so cold. Then he notices the hut: his once slim chance to make it through the night. But the hut isn’t what it seems, and the horror is only just beginning...

The Woodshed. There’s something to be said about saving the best for last. This is the craft at its absolute best. An evil has infested the heart of a family, and can Karl break the cycle of violence and death? The answer may surprise you. 

Along the Splintered Path is sold exclusively as an eBook, downloadable to the kindle, and it doesn’t make the transition smoothly - which in fairness is not the fault of the author. The cover is dark, almost black, and there is no table of contents for easy referral and chapter layout. The book has been released by Dark Continent publishing as part of their Tales of Darkness and Dismay series and really somebody in their marketing department should be taken outside, slapped and retrained. This however, does not derail the strength of AJ Brown’s work and remains a must for the discerning horror fan.

Along the Splintered Path can be bought HERE.

And the further ramblings of Mr. Brown can be found HERE.

Starburst also caught up with the author for a frank discussion and exploration of his dark, dark mind. Check it out HERE.

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