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Marc Turner has returned with the third book in his highly successful ‘Chronicles of the Exile’ series. The first two books in the Series, When the Heavens Fall and Dragon Hunters were both well received. These two books were able to offer original stories, with the first book in the series being a nostalgic tour into classic epic fantasy, whilst the second book followed a different more self-contained story. Now, with Red Tide, Marc Turner has created a book that slowly weaves together the events of the first two novels, whilst providing an exciting and fresh story.

The novel starts soon after the end of Dragon Hunters and follows several characters points of view. The series is now following ten separate point of view characters, which is creating a really intriguing story. All the characters feel fresh and new, and Turner manages to write all these characters in such a way that they all seem very individual and unique. A stand out favourite character is Amerel, who is a very unstable character to read about, but who is just a pleasure to read.

The aftermath of Dragon Day has left opportunities for several people in power. The new characters are introduced right at the beginning, and several twists and turns in the storyline lead us to Emperor Avallon Delamar and his schemes. The plot is very intricate and detailed, and any more detail will give away the plot of the first two novels. There are also many developments at the very start of the book, which truly makes the novel a difficult one to describe without spoilers.

Marc Turner has proven that he can create very different and engaging stories whilst blending them together. The novels and characters all have distinctive tones and scopes, which has created a fresh feel upon reading every novel. As the elements of each previous novel slowly come together throughout. Upon reading this new book, it truly feels like Marc Turner has been able to better handle plot development as this story becomes more fast paced.

Marc Turner has manged to draw many comparisons with other authors in the genre, including Joe Abercrombie and Steven Erikson, but this latest release sees the tipping point when Marc Turner has really created a story of his own. Red Tide marks the half way mark of the series, and with his fan base slowly building over every book release, it’s clear Marc Turner has become one of the most popular new epic fantasy authors, with Red Tide being a triumph in storytelling.


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