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A former sheriff’s deputy, Chuck Zukowski, stars in this based-on-fact story of how he became obsessed with investigating flying saucer reports, visiting cattle mutilation sites and gathering evidence that there is a huge government conspiracy to suppress the truth.

Through making weekend trips with his family to UFO hotspots, interviewing witnesses and conducting research he came to the conclusion that all these incidents are on, or close to the 37th degree 3,000 mile long latitude line, which he has nicknamed the Paranormal or UFO Freeway.

This is a tourist guide to US ufology that ticks all the boxes, Roswell, Area 51, military UFO encounters, shadowy government agencies, sacred Native American Indian sites, underground and underwater alien bases, giant humanoid-like creatures all lumped together with astronomical connections and magnetic anomalies that hang-out on Bukowski’s UFO Freeway.

It’s an entertaining story especially if you don’t know much about ufology or never seen a UFO film, otherwise it doesn’t bring much new to the table. Other ufologists have come up with UFO and ley line connections, or produced grids and networks showing UFO patterns that ‘exist’ throughout the world. I’m sure you could find any 3,000 mile lines or circles or triangles that you could fill with amazing UFO and anomalistic connections. Putting coloured pins on a map isn’t scientific research or evidence of any inter-connectedness between all of this phenomena.

Zukowski is depicted as something of a maverick who operates beyond the confines of organised UFO groups, but there are many other UFO investigators who would make a better story. This has already been done in the case of John Keel who was portrayed by Richard Gere in The Mothman Prophecies, which at least stirs up some sinister doings in a small West Virginia town.

There is a distinct possibility that The 37th Parallel will be made into a film, but I fear it will not have enough power or originality to get out of the shadow of the comedy movie Paul which featured Simon Pegg and Nick Frost making a tour of US UFO hotspots in their RV.


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+1 #1 Chuck Zukowski 2016-08-31 22:47
First, thank you for 7 out of 10 stars, I'll take it! :-} I look at the 37th Parallel as one of many UFO Highways across the US, just like auto highways. This one appears to be more of a well traveled Toll road with a possible underground tunnel from Dulce, NM to Area 51, maybe even to Virginia. That's what makes this one significant. And including some locations like, Cape Girardeau & Joplin, MO. Highland, Il, or Taos, or Aztec, or Virginia, or the Mantell crash and even Mono Lake, makes this highway interesting. Read the book and let me know what you think, I don't get a dime for it, I just wanted the info to get out so others could speculate. Keep Lookin' Up! Chuck Zukowski

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