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Written by Hiroshi Seko, one of the main scripters of the Attack On Titan anime series, Lost Girls features a couple of novella-length side stories supplemental to the main narrative, each spotlighting one of the series’ main female characters: Mikasa, the stoic and seemingly unstoppable titan-slayer, and military police officer Annie, whose cold and distant personality hides a revelatory secret.

Lost in the Cruel World is largely a flashback tale beginning when Mikasa and Eren first met as young children, showing how their relationship grew over time until they became close friends. The story weaves in and out of flashback events featured in the series, showing them from Mikasa’s perspective rather than Eren’s and allows a little insight into the mind of the aloof and taciturn girl. Mikasa’s supreme badassery has made her one of the series’ most popular characters, but in spite of this she has had little character development beyond her fierce loyalty to Eren. The exploration into exactly what Eren means to her begins to fill this hole, and also partly explains why she developed such an uncompromising drive to protect him, often to the detriment of all other considerations.

Wall Sina, Goodbye takes place on the eve of an important mission for Annie that ended up once again altering how the Titans are perceived, in which she is cajoled into searching for a missing girl and ends up delving into the seedy underworld of a ramshackle nation on the brink of annihilation. Society outwith the military services has gone largely unexplored in the main story, so the story grants a little understanding of the lives of people living within the relative safely of the walls who have never even seen a titan, and so find other problems with which to occupy themselves. The short, staccato sentences of the prose reflects the disconnected nature of Annie’s character, echoing her analytical mind and matter of fact manner of thinking, and provides greater understanding of how she was able to carry out the things she did later in the series.

A third, titular tale is a far shorter story of a tense meeting between the girls during the years of training, the brief interaction emphasising the ways in which the two young women are complete opposites, yet at the same time tacitly highlighting their similarities.

Intended for exiting fans rather than newcomers, the stories of Lost Girls are brief and simple, but each gives a little development of the sprawling world, and also to two of its more reticent characters.


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