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New from Fantagraphics Books, Tony Millionaire’s award-winning comic strip Maakies is now collected in this beautifully put together hardcover, Drinky Crow Drinks Again.

Maakies is one of the longest-running underground comic strips to be published, making its first appearance in 1994. Since then, the vaudevillian misadventures of Uncle Gabby (a drunk Irish monkey) and Drinky Crow have spawned animated appearances and sought-after merchandise.

Drinky Crow Drinks Again features Tony Millionaire’s work from the past five years, showcasing the two drunkards in over 200 strips, mixed in with some truly magnificent illustrations from the talented creator.

The new book has been praised by the likes of the great Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), and there’s no surprise as to why it’s garnered so much love from different creators and comedians.

Maakies has a unique brand of humour, which is unashamedly immature in places. There’s a reliance on poop jokes throughout Millionaire’s strips, with themes often focusing on Drinky Crow’s absurd desire for alcohol along with the sordid escapades of Uncle Gabby. Together they’re a great mix, resulting in some hilarious gags.

There’s little to no continuity found between most of Millionaire’s strips, but there’s no need for it. Each comic strip in Drinky Crow Drinks Again oozes with Millionaire’s unrestrained wit, and the laughs keep on coming throughout.

Maakies strips are also accompanied with a topper; a much smaller secondary strip below the main one. Despite the smaller scale that Millionaire works with, he still manages to make those just as amusing as the main strip.

It’s a delightful little book, and if Maakies’ style of humour doesn’t hit the right notes with some readers, then at least they can admire Millionaire’s incredible line work. Sections of comic strips are split up with the addition of big illustrations, showcasing Drinky Crow, Uncle Gabby and maritime ships in all their glory.

It is hard to place Tony Millionaire’s art style within the industry, as it’s so refreshingly different. There’s a slight hint of Robert Crumb found here, with Millionaire’s inspiration harking back to much earlier comic strip artists.

For fans of Maakies, then Drinky Crow Drinks Again is a must-buy. His strips from the past five years are lavishly produced in this new hardcover, and they’re all presented in the correct format. For those who haven’t experienced Tony Millionaire’s beautiful drawings and absurdist humour, this book is a fine place to discover one of the industry’s best underground creators.


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