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In this day and age, it’s rare for a television series to be able to sustain itself – let alone stay fresh – for a couple of seasons, but the Winchester family business of saving people and hunting things is thriving in Supernatural. One of the most popular horror-themed television shows of all time, the fact that it is about to enter its 12th season is a testament to the appeal of the characters and the writing. Speaking of which, the success of Supernatural has expanded beyond the small screen with the brothers’ escapades littering the pages of a series of novelisations - mirroring the run of books about the boys by Carver Edlund in the show.

In Mythmaker, a girl’s drawings of the gods she dreams about on a nightly basis are coming to life and performing ‘miracles’ in her small native town of Corinth, Illinois. When Sam and Dean Winchester come to town to investigate the phenomena, these new gods are performing on the residents in exchange for their allegiance, a battle for supremacy and followship breaks out. As their war for servants escalates, the gods will destroy each other and eliminate the town’s population until only one is left standing.

Tie-in novels don’t get the credit they deserve. Often, they’re dismissed in literary circles as commercial memorabilia, with no other merits. If you aren’t a fan of the TV series, then Mythmaker won’t have much to offer you, nor will it convert you. Tim Waggoner understands the fan base he’s catering to and doesn’t try to pretend otherwise. That being said, if you are a fan, then Mythmaker has plenty to offer in the way of another entertaining Winchester adventure – especially if you’re looking for something to fill the void as you wait for the brand new season to arrive. It’s an extremely well written novel too, and the story is on par with the best to come out of the Supernatural franchise to-date. Fans of religious - especially Greek - mythology will especially enjoy seeing many of the classic figures within these legends appear.

While Mythmaker isn’t going to win any prestigious literary prizes, it makes for some enjoyable light reading to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon. It does the brothers proud, and fans will love it, though it probably won’t attract new followers to the series like the ancient gods within its pages.


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