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A collected graphic novel has been released of the four chapters from the Dead Vengeance limited comic books series. It is a fairly small collection at 100 pages but manages to keep readers entertained through its use of crossing genres, forming a tale which is part thriller, part horror.

It all begins in 1940, with a phony human body on exhibit in a carnival sideshow. However, this not-so-phony cadaver springs to life one day and stumbles away from the circus. The body belongs to John Doe, a former radio commentator. However, questions start arising to his past and how he ended up in an exhibit. Through the use of flashbacks, the story is unravelled as to the mystery that surrounds John Doe.

There are many twists in this comic series which are distributed throughout the series, which makes it hard to review without giving away potential spoilers. However, as John Doe overcomes his amnesia, it’s safe to say that there are many twists that readers will not see coming. It’s faced paced, with each chapter clearly having distinguishing elements which add the overall plot. Although the story does focus on horror elements, it also has a fairly humorous side, which really allows the reader to enjoy the tale without taking it too seriously. It also has classic thriller elements, with the mystery surrounding John Does origins and the quest he has set upon.

It is clear from the title that the Dead Vengeance is about revenge; so much more than a simple story. It is a dark and humorous tale with elements of love and loss, which makes this comic truly an original tale. The characters are clearly the main focus of the story with their strong development throughout the series. The twists throughout may seem quite obvious, but their even distribution and the fast-paced plot makes the series a great read.



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