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Vigil is the first novel in the new Verity Fassbinder series by Angela Slatter. This is Angela’s first full- length novel and focuses on an alternative version of her own hometown of Brisbane. Angela has gained a reputation over the years as a writer of dark and horror fiction. Although this novel is not a complete horror story, it does contain some dark elements.

The story follows Verity Fassbinder in an alternative form of modern day Brisbane. Verity is the daughter of a human and a Weryd, which enables her to have strength, as well as granting her the power to walk between worlds. The Weryd must remain hidden from the humans, so Verity is given the task of ensuring peace remains, whilst also ensuring the Weryd are hidden from the mankind. Through a series of events, a destructive force is seen in Brisbane, which threatens the existence of the whole world.

The story is told in the first-person, which allows the reader to explore the character of Verity and really get to understand the character by the end of the novel. Although this is a start of the new series, it also stands on its own and is a great mythical read. The story seems to cross many genres, which Angela Slatter manages to handle very well. Whilst it is set in modern day, it does have fairy tale elements, as well as a slight horror setting. The story is also partly fantasy, with a slight lean towards epic fantasy with the evil force being released.

The novel is a brilliant start to what promises to be an enjoyable series. Although it can have a slow pace at times, this is crucial for character development and Angela Slatter does not waste any pages and always ensures the characters have the opportunity to develop. Angela has set the scene for the rest of the series, by offering an original and fresh tale encompassing many genres that will enthral all readers alike.


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