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Brandon Sanderson has become known for creating and working on multiple series at the same time. He has just recently published two new novels in the Mistborn series, and now he returns to another of his successful series with Calamity. This novel brings the Reckoners series to a satisfying end.

The novel returns to the story of David. After the last book, in which Firefight stole his heart and frightening betrayals, David now wants to end war. The plot then follows David, as shocking twists and turns lead him to battle Prof. Everything leads to the final confrontation with Calamity and It is difficult to discuss this novel without giving away spoilers, but rest assured this novel delivers in every front.

As this novel is the third and final instalment of the series, readers will be expecting many answers to the questions that have gone unanswered. Brandon Sanderson has always been an author that has left mysteries and clues throughout his stories, then bombarding the reader with many revelations in the final novel. Especially with the Reckoners series, there were many unanswered questions left open and Sanderson delivers the answers.

One of the great things about Sanderson’s books is the sense of humour. In Reckoners particularly, David’s strange persona can often come across as hilarious to the reader. Reckoners has always been a series focused on developing characters with a few dramatic fights to up the tension. However, Sanderson creates a well-balanced novel of character development, frightening revelations and dramatic fights to ensure the reader is hooked into the storyline and creates a satisfying conclusion to the series.

However, it seems that there could be more to this story. We have hope that Sanderson will one day return to this story, even just for a short novella, focusing on one of the other characters. Sanderson is known for his frequent short stories and experiments with novels, so we have hope that this will not be the end of the Reckoners series. For now though, this created an excellent and tense conclusion to a remarkable fantasy series.


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