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Marc Turner released his debut novel When the Heavens Fall, last year. It was met with critical acclaim and many readers were excited about the start of a major new epic fantasy series. Now, Marc Turner has released the second novel in the series Dragon Hunters.

When the Heavens Fall was a fantasy novel full of nostalgia. It felt like a tribute to popular epic fantasy series of the past. Whilst it did have originality, it did seem to stick to the conventional route. Now, Dragon Hunters gives Marc Turner the chance to show how much of a brilliant writer he is. This is a highly original fantasy novel that turns away from the conventional and launches the reader into a beautifully detailed story, full of intrigue and corruption.

Fans of Marc Turner may be hoping for a direct continuation from Where the Heavens Fall left off. Instead, they have got a novel set in the same world, but focused on a separate part of that world. This means readers are getting new characters and a completely new storyline. The great thing about this is that it can be read as a one off novel, or as part of the series. The novel focuses on the Dragon Gate, which is opened once a year so a sea dragon passes through, where it will then be hunted by the storm lords. The leader of the Storm Lords, Emira Imerle Polivar, is coming to the end of her leadership. However, she is intent on keeping her position. But, there are many forces that are keen to see the end of the Storm Lords.

Although the story does centre on dragons, by making them sea dragons, Marc Turner has managed to create a highly original fantasy novel. It still has the main elements of an epic fantasy, full of political intrigue, greed and corruption. It is highly character driven, whilst also ensuring that the world building is of a great quality. This novel has firmly put Marc Turner as one of the best newcomers in fantasy. We look forward to seeing his The Chronicles of the Exile becoming further developed. Marc Turner is what the fantasy genre has been looking for.


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