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I have to be honest and state that I was really looking forward to ‘The Star Trek Vault’ to arrive at Starburst Towers. I knew it was on its way, and I was ready to intercept it, and devour it. We all know the score with these Vault type publications. I just love them. My personal favourite is ‘The DC Vault’, which was a luxuriant product which managed to actually provide you with a very in-depth history lesson. It was a rare beast that delivered on both levels. Full of goodies, and a cracking read.

‘The Star Trek Vault’ is an absolute delight, and nicely packaged in a cool slipcase cover, unlike the binder approach that is usually utilised. What we have is a superb guide to ‘Star Trek’ , ending with the short lived ‘Enterprise’ series. The Abrams reboot does not get addressed, but why should it? This firmly sets it’s agenda as covering the original Trek Universe. Besides the myriad TV Series, we also have coverage of The Movies, Comics, and the much underrated Animated Series.  Scott Tipton does a very good job of covering the Trek Phenomenon, and the book acts as a very good guide to the chronological history and development of the show. At times a little rose tinted, but still managing to relate some of the problems within the franchise. If there is any weakness it is only that It does not contain any surprises for the hardcore fan, who will have read it all a hundred times already, but it is a very accessible Journey for an afternoon of nostalgia. I was also impressed with the rare photos, and curiosity items featured within. ‘The Official Kraft Star Trek Marshmellow Dispenser’. Wowsers. Ok, I can hear you getting all worked up. “Where is the stuff we really want to know about?” Sigh. I was working up to that slowly.

There, look in the middle - it's a Pennant!

These ‘Vault’ books stand or fall on the paraphernalia, and goodies, so what do we have. I am happy to inform you that it is indeed laden with the good stuff. The goodies range through all of the Shows and Movies. I could not begin to list them all here (and I also want you to have some surprises). Colouring books, collector cards, concept art, iron on transfers, scripts, a pennant (pointy flag to you lot), stickers, party invites, and tons more. Pleasingly, these are not the more obvious items that crop up in the poorer Vaults. It’s great. I spent half a day reading and exploring the various novelty items, which is exactly what the publishers at Aurum intended. Full of goodies and a cracking read. Job Done. It’s lavish, fun, and awesome -  an engrossing treat for any Star Trek fan.

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