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Review: Spanish Ladies / Author: Paul Magrs / Publisher: Hammer Chillers / Starring: Jacqueline King, Camille Coduri, Ewan Bailey / Release Date: June 21st

The latest Hammer Chillers thirty minute, full cast production is Spanish Ladies written by Paul Magrs (Vince Cosmos, Doctor Who, The Brenda and Effie Mysteries). Although this has three of the same cast as the previous The Fixation it could not be a more different story.

The year is 1976: this is the era of Crossroads and dreams of holidays on the Costa Brava. Phil (Bailey) is 36 years old and still lives at home with Mummy (King) who will look after him forever and keep him away from girls. To make sure, she reads his diary, checks under his bed and steams open his letters. Mummy’s only other hobbies are her Spanish Ladies and bingo with her friend Renee (Camille Coduri).

Mummy is worried that Phil is seeing someone and asks Renee to find out more – but how will Mummy react when she discovers it is in fact Renee whom Phil is seeing and planning on running off to Spain with?

The ability of this series to start with a recognisable situation and twist it first one way then the next into the horrific is something to marvel at. This particular story moves through the unpleasant, the horrific and into the downright shocking in the space of the final 15 minutes. I apologise now to anyone sat on the train opposite me this morning when I listened to the final scene of this remarkably well constructed tale.

The series has found its rhythm with this totally absorbing and unforgettable story. Buy it, listen to it and remember it next time you see a Spanish Lady!

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