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Mission: Purge Review

Review: Mission: Purge / Author: Gav Thorpe / Publisher: Black Library / Release Date: Out Now

The world of Warhammer 40,000 is a hugely detailed one, packed with ideas and characters. However this can be a problem as many of the tales focus on one faction or another so we only get to see a very narrow band of this vast setting. However, the audio drama Mission: Purge is a tale of the Deathwatch, an organisation that pulls different types of Space Marines from across the galaxy to beat up aliens. So essentially, 40K’s version of The Avengers.

Thorpe uses this feature to great effect; our team includes a feral Space Wolf (Viking-like savages), a noble and arrogant White Consul, a tribal and pious Mortifactor and a surly, secretive stranger with a mysterious past. This team of almost heroes is sent into the holds of suspicious space craft, only to discover a deadly cargo. Fans of the older editions of the game this setting is based on may find themselves grinning when they realise what the monsters are, but those new to the worlds of Warhammer will have plenty to smile about as well.

This is a well paced, extremely well performed audio play which is greatly improved by the constant banter of the protagonists. This is a tale of big characters with big voices working together to overcome impossible odds. It is essentially a tale of heroes, and quite comic-book in feel. Fans of the setting will love this, those unfamiliar with this sort of thing should have no problem understanding what’s going on as the premise is clearly explained and explored. If you’re looking for a violent and claustrophobic tale which only takes just over an hour to listen to, then pick this up.

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