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Starburst Radio Podcast Episode 4.23: Cowabunga Cried Raider!

PrintE-mail Saturday, 28 June 2014

Starburst Radio Podcast

Episode 4.23: Cowabunga! Cried Raider

In which Kris Heys reaches meltdown point over an impromptu Big Brother segment, makes a schoolboy error with his cinema toilet habits, and reveals the origins of his first bush. Mike Royce explains why STARBURST Magazine looks a little different in some stores this month, discovers that an old business associate has experienced an embezzlement Groundhog Day, and reminisces over his beloved Squarial. Shauna returns with her synchronised squirrels, is not up for a new generation of Turtles, and tends to sing for no reason. Denge is Denge. The search for episodes of Jupiter Moon begins, Spock’s goat turns up, and guess which Editor loses a Twilight Zone bet, and has to pony up a seriously expensive boxset? It’s the season finale of The STARBURST Radio Show, and it all ends in an unintentionally retro way…

All recordings are issued under official license from Fab Radio International.

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