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Starburst Radio Podcast Episode 5.28 - Pubcast 2: Terror of the Storage Spiders

PrintE-mail Thursday, 30 July 2015

Starburst Radio Podcast

Episode 5.28: Pubcast 2: Terror of the Storage Spiders

In Which Shauna Askew brings us dystopia with World on a Wire, introduces some feminism with the Star Maidens, then urinates. Mike Royce thinks the jury has definitely come back with a verdict on William Henry Cosby Jr, and explains why Tom Jones, horse racing, Periscope, and toothache can be a disastrous combination. Martin Unsworth gets access to his “rock liquid”, resurrects the slimy James Hellier, and tackles the thorny subject of Judy Geeson’s Inseminoid nudity denial.  It’s the Mid-Season Finale of The Starburst Radio Show, recorded live at The Fab Cafe in Manchester.

[This is the show that should have gone out at 9pm on Wednesday 29th July 2015 but the automated system had a freak out and decided you would all prefer to listen to us interview Laurence R. Harvey and Tom Six again!]

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All recordings are issued under official license from Fab Radio International.

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