Audio News: Big Finish Announces the Returning SURVIVORS Cast

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Big Finish have announced that all three lead members of the original cast of Terry Nation’s Survivors are returning to play their roles on audio in an all new series of stories. The original BBC1 TV series ran from 1975-77 and told the story of a small group of people who survived a plague that wipes out most of the world’s population.

Lucy Fleming plays Jenny Richards, Ian McCulloch plays Greg Preston while Carolyn Seymour plays Abby Grant, the leader of a small community starting in a new life in rural England.

David Richardson (Big Finish Producer) gives more details:

“We’re thrilled to have Lucy, Ian and Carolyn on board. Our initial episodes will introduce a new set of characters that will encounter Jenny and Greg as they search for supplies. Abby Grant will make cameo appearances, before taking on a major role in later stories.”

Big Finish also elaborated on the project via their twitter feed (@bigfinish):

“We're going for Series 1, Terry Nation tone. The stories will be about the best and worst of human nature.”

Starburst spoke to Ian McCulloch about the returning series who agreed with this sentiment:

“I think Terry Nation would have approved of the style of writing and presenting the drama that Big Finish has chosen. They are very much the type of story that Terry would have liked the show to have covered [in the 1970s]”

Lucy Fleming had this to add:

“I think the scripts are very well done and the idea behind Survivors is a universal story that makes you think again about what’s really important. The show always made viewers think about the basic practicalities of life as well as enjoying the adventure stories we were making.”

The first boxset of four stories (written by Matt Fitton, Jonathan Morris, Andrew Smith and John Dorney) will be released in June 2014. Full details on the Big Finish website.

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