WHO TALK Releases Two Brand New Commentaries!

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Who Talk, who specialise in providing alternative audio commentary for existing Doctor Who DVDs and episodes has announced two new additions to their catalogue.

These are: a brand new commentary for the 1971 serial The Claws of Axos featuring Katy Manning, Richard Franklin and Bernard Holley.
Adventures in Time brings together a variety of historical Hartnell-themed episodes featuring commentaries on The Aztecs, The Romans and The Crusades.
There is also a Special Edition Bundle also available - with covers autographed by the cast and bonus disc with exclusive material!

From the official press release:
Two new Who Talk CDs as we travel back in time for some historical escapades and battle some beautiful golden aliens with a nasty secret!

The first of two releases this month is called Adventures in Time, and is a collection of Hartnell themed historical stories including episodes from The Aztecs, The Romans and The Crusade, and features a number of cast and crew from these stories.

"This release sees a Who Talk debut for Maureen O'Brien, who really enjoyed the chance to look back some of her appearances as Vicki," says producer Paul W T Ballard. "The resulting commentaries are a wonderful addition to the range."

Joining Maureen O'Brien are William Russell, Julian Glover, Petra Markham, George Little, Kay Patrick, Ian Cullen, Clive Doig, Brian Hodgson, all once again under the watchful eye of Toby Hadoke.

We are also bringing you another classic from the Pertwee era...

"The Claws of Axos might not have been the most obvious of choices to go for," explains Paul, "but there were quite a few voices missing from the original commentary, recorded over a decade ago!"

"It was great to get the serial's director Michael Ferguson, script editor Terrance Dicks, co-writer Bob Baker and Axos himself Bernard Holley to commentate on the serial for the first time. We were also thrilled to welcome back Katy Manning and Richard Franklin, although listeners will have to listen in to find out why Katy gets a telling off!"

We are also offering listeners a special edition bundle featuring both The Claws of Axos and Adventures in Time. Each set will come with the cover signed by an actor from each release, and Adventures in Time contains a both disc featuring exclusive additional commentaries on The Crusade and The Time Meddler.

Both sets are now available, you can purchase them direct from Who Talk at a discounted price of £10.99 each (RRP £12.99) or via download priced £9.99. The special edition bundle will be available exclusively via the website priced £39.99. The CDs are very limited, and exclusively available via whotalk.co.uk.

Please note: These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.


Find your local STARBURST stockist HERE, or buy direct from us HERE. For our digital edition (available to read on your iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 8, Samsung and/or Huawei device - all for just £1.99), visit MAGZTER DIGITAL NEWSSTAND.




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