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Following a successful reunion in 2016 on audio, production company Spiteful Puppet has announced more adventures with the original cast are to follow. 2016’s well-received The Knights of the Apocalypse was based on a never-filmed script by late series creator Richard Carpenter, and the proceeds from the release went to his favourite charities. A deal with ITV studios means a full new series of original stories is lined up for later in 2017.

As our very own review attested, The Knights of the Apocalypse successfully captured all that made the series great in the camaraderie between the cast and the writing that brought Carpenter’s world to life.

Creative Director Iain Meadows said: “ITV Studios Global Entertainment have been absolutely fantastic and really recognised the potential for a new series to thrill fans of what many regard as the definitive version of the legend. ITV Studios Global Entertainment have the same desire as we do to breathe new life into this most wonderful of series and once again take people into Sherwood Forest for more magical adventure!

Trudi Hayward SVP Global Head of Merchandise Kids at ITV Studios Global Entertainment says: “We are delighted to be working with Spiteful Puppet on new audio versions of Robin of Sherwood. Their creativity, passion and enthusiasm are bringing new life to a well-loved tale.

Series Producer, Barnaby Eaton-Jones added: “I first sat by a burning fire of fandom in Sherwood forest, with the blessing of ITV Studios Global Entertainment, by steering forward the charity production of a script from the original writer/creator of the show - in the form of The Knights of the Apocalypse. Now, after that initial success, we have a brand-new audio series featuring the original cast to fan those flames again. ITV Studios Global Entertainment have been very gracious in allowing us to continue with Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood and we aim to keep the same style and tone of the original series, even down to the questionable '80s haircuts (which are easier to get away with on audio). Thirty years after the series was broadcast, we are bringing back Robin of Sherwood and we couldn't be more delighted. To steal a quote from the show... ‘Nothing's forgotten. Nothing's ever forgotten.’

As with the previous release, the new production will see Jason Connery and the original cast returning to their iconic roles, as well as the first Robin, Michael Praed. To find out more about the series (and support the project in its development too) head over to their website here.


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