Big Finish Announces OMEGA FACTOR Cast

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Big Finish has announced further details on their forthcoming first release of THE OMEGA FACTOR – THE AUDIO SERIES. Alongside Louise Jameson, who reprises her role of Dr. Anne Reynolds from the 1979 TV series, will be John Dorney.

John plays Adam Crane, the son of journalist Tom Crane, played by James Hazeldine in the TV series as he fought against the plans of one Drexel and the shadowy organisation known as Omega. The series was created by Jack Gerson and his daughter Natasha appeared in the TV series as Morag. Natasha will also be making an appearance in the first release. The series is set in the present day, meaning there has been a gap of more than 30 years in the story.

John Dorney has appeared in radio comedy MY FIRST PLANET, as well as numerous Big Finish productions (he has also written several others).

STARBURST visited the studio during the recording of the series and spent some time with those involved in the project. Star of THE OMEGA FACTOR, Louise Jameson said, “It feels fantastic and I’m absolutely delighted they’ve made the story contemporary, even though it retains a ‘70s feel.” Series producer David Richardson expanded, “This gives the series a hook, Omega has disappeared, leaving Department 7 without a purpose and needing to find one.”

For those unfamiliar with the concept behind THE OMEGA FACTOR, David also explained why this is a good fit for Big Finish and sets the show in context, “THE OMEGA FACTOR is a good choice to do at this time,” he said, “as it gives Big Finish a home-grown, British, scary, supernatural thriller.”

Finally John Dorney gave some hints as to his character, teasing, “Adam has no pragmatic sense at all. He is the heart, Anne is the control – they complete each other in a weird way”

The first boxset consists of four stories and the guest cast includes Alan Cox, Terry Molloy, Camilla Power and Kate Bracken. The writers are Matt Fitton, Phil Mulryne, Cavan Scott and series director Ken Bentley.

The first series of THE OMEGA FACTOR – THE AUDIO SERIES will appear in May 2015. Full details are available on the Big Finish website, where an audiobook of Louise Jameson reading Jack Gerson’s novel, which accompanied the TV series, can also be purchased.


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