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Written by Whitney Scott Bain Monday, 26 September 2011

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James Cameron is creating his own his own seal of approval for 3D filmmakers under his banner, the Cameron-Pace Group. Cameron stated "we want to be the Dolby of 3D." Cameron claims he wants to create a certificate for filmmakers the way Real D does it for the display side.

Really now? Who died and made you God, Jim? Are filmmakers themselves supposed to bow down to you if they make a 3D movie and have to get your stamp? If they don't have your seal of approval, does that mean that all their hard work and efforts aren't worthy after being viewed by the "King of the World", that no one else may see them and that they should be shunned, exiled or even chased by torch-carrying villagers away from film distributors because they don't have your technology or bank account? That you get to decide like a Caesar overlooking gladiators in combat in a Roman arena to give them a thumbs up or down weather their project lives or dies? 

I don't think so.

The fact is, you forgot your roots, Jim. You started your career with Roger Corman's studio where there was no money and one had to create something out of nothing using their imagination. A lot of filmmakers don't have the luxuries you have and they rely on what they have on hand and what they do create. 

Inspiration is the key to innovation, not conformation. Creavity is the key in doing the best you can with want you have and when you stifle creativity, you stagnate progress. 

Cameron once said, "it all begins with story." Well. now, its easy to throw a fresh coat of paint on a project like the Outer Limits episode Soldier and Man Who Was Never Born and call it The Terminator, remake a French film and call it True Lies, look at the classic A Night To Remember, insert the Jack and Rose love story and there you have Titanic, or even use the story of Pocahontas and call it Smurfs In Space... sorry, I meant Avatar.

Do people need to see your seal of approval to know that a 3D film that someone worked hard on to know that's accepted by you that its watchable? No, the paying public decides weather or not they like it.

Andre de Toth directed one of the greatest 3D films ever made that still stands the test of time. The 1953 remake of the 1933 version of Mystery In the Wax Museum entitled, House of Wax that starred Vincent Price, Phyllis Kirk and Charles Buchinski (later known as Charles Bronson). He did this with no depth perception as he only had one eye. I doubt if he needed any kind of seal to be accepted.

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+1 #4 BILLY MORRIS 2011-09-27 17:54
This write up is a bit of an opinionated rant from writer Whitney. In fact i'd say it's beneath Starburst!

Personally i've missed the fun of 3D since the 80's and was happy to see it return with Avatar and yes Tron. However there is genuine concern about darkness of 3D in cinemas especially if the movie's not made specifically for 3D.

Home cinema 3D however can be adjusted and IMO is highly enjoyable "optional" treat. As you're supposed to watch 3D in moderation.

With THX no one wrote an outraged rant about "who does George think he is" lol. In fact Jim Cameron (to me) is simply trying to take responsibility for this poor 2D to 3D conversion trend. Whilst giving consumers reassurance & saving studio's embarrassing themselves.

Roger Cormans:Battle Beyond The Stars only bolsters Cameron's career, certainly doesn't a blemish it.

This Starburst article is not THX/Cameron approved, as the writer is only thinking in 2D
+1 #3 James Bond 2011-09-26 21:51
Makes some sense, garyarmstrong, but if he's going to do this with 3D, he should just it with his films. You can do things with sound that you can't do with film and Lucas with his THX Dolby logo is a good example for sound, but a 3D certification doesn't make any sense for the 3D process because there are too many variables involved. There was an article about how Cameron didn't like the new Piranha movie criticizing it because the 3D wasn't up to his standards. That didn't prevent me from having a good time seeing the movie with my friends. We had a great time because of the story-the piranha and the John Thomas sequence had the packed cinema on the floor laughing-Who cares what he says about the 3D. I go to the movies to be entertained, which we all do. The director and writer of the Piranha movie got into it with Cameron. You can probably find the story someplace on Google if you want to see it.
+1 #2 J. R. Southall 2011-09-26 20:29
Don't forget, James Cameron is the King of the World.
+2 #1 Gary Armstrong 2011-09-26 18:57
Truth of the matter is - whether you approve of Cameron's work or not - is that a standard for 3D cinema is long overdue.

Nobody has really pushed studio film on a technological level like Cameron has over the years, and as such, I would rather have him set a THX/Dolby like ratified standard for studios to meet than anyone else.

I can only think of three major studio pictures have used live action 3D to any real standard, and because of the hideous abuse of the technology audiences are wary of booking any ticket with the word 3D attached.

As for forgetting his roots I think a director like Cameron takes EVERYTHING from his experiences, be it with Corman style productions or a half a billion dollar check.

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