Want a DREDD Sequel? Time to Do Your Bit

Written by Andrew Marshall Sunday, 28 September 2014

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It’s now been over two years since DREDD had a shamefully lacklustre run in cinemas. A victim of both the ghost of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone debacle and moviegoers’ weariness of gimmicky 3D, it wasn’t until the film’s home release that it found its true home and true audience. Appetite of fans for a sequel is still as ravenous as ever, and some of the most vocal and active amongst them are those behind the Make A Dredd Sequel campaign, who have announced a second DAY OF DREDD, a tradition now likely to be repeated annually until a sequel is made.

Here is the statement from the campaign organisers Frank and Brian:

It’s been an incredible year. Earlier this year, we’re sure you saw Karl Urban himself praise the campaign, thank every single one of you for signing the petition, and told us to keep going!

The big DAY OF DREDD push last September was massively successful – DREDD went straight to the top of the DVD and Blu-Ray charts in multiple countries and sparking acres of press coverage, giving a huge boost to the petition (another 30,000 of you joined up!). But that doesn’t mean we’re going to sit on our laurels.

We’re really happy to announce that we’re designating Wednesday 1st October as the DAY OF DREDD 2014!

This is a fan-created, fan-run, fan-made campaign and that’s who makes it so special – the fans. Let’s show Hollywood that we’ve not gone away and we’re not going to take no for an answer. We want more of our favourite movie!

So, next Wednesday we’re calling on everyone to shout about DREDD – buy it again on DVD or Blu-Ray, get it back up those charts or, even better, get it sold out! Watch it with friends, talk about it online, share it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #DayOfDredd, encourage your favourite news outlets to cover the big push, even wear your Dredd suit when you go shopping! It all helps keep DREDD in the public eye.

You ready, rookies? We can do this together – October 1st will be THE DAY OF DREDD!


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0 #1 Ash 2014-09-28 14:35
Well done for doing your bit and publicising the campaign Starburst!

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