News: New Footage From DC's Animated BATMAN: YEAR ONE Feature

Written by Animal Johns Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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We've been treated to a short trailer in the past, but here's our first official clip from the much-anticipated adaptation of Frank Miller's 1987 comic book BATMAN: YEAR ONE from Warner Bros animation. Enjoy!

We've said it before, but we still can't get used to the absence of voice actor Kevin Conroy as Bats (THE O.C.'s Ben McKenzie steps in here), but you can't argue with the talent they've managed to pull together for the other roles, including Bryan Cranston (BREAKING BAD), Eliza Dushku (BUFFY/ANGEL), and Katee Sackhoff (BSG).

The movie hits all home video platforms on October 18th (well, in the States anyway, a UK date has yet to be set), and if the clip above isn't enticing enough, they've also thrown in a CATWOMAN short featuring the aforementioned Dushku. 

For anybody who didn't catch the BATMAN: YEAR ONE trailer first time around, here it is again...

What do you guys think? Let us know in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag 

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+1 #3 paul carey 2011-09-23 10:21
You're right about kevin Conroy, in my opinion he is the best Batman (That includes the live action guys). He has the purfect voice. Whenever I read the comics it's Conroy I hear in my head. What's with McKenzie's pronunciation? "You've eden well!??"
0 #2 Gary Armstrong 2011-09-22 07:57
Quoting Chris Earl:
I mean go outside and record an atmos track for crying out loud!

I never really understood why they don't use ambient sound in the animated films, either.
+1 #1 Chris Earl 2011-09-21 21:43
I love the fact that DC Entertainment & WB are putting these out, but they all have a certain lifeless quality to them. I mean go outside and record an atmos track for crying out loud!
This footage in particular lacks the atmosphere of the original comic.
Will I still buy and watch the animated movie? Damned straight.

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