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Written by Andrew Marshall Thursday, 04 September 2014

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SAFE HAVEN is the first in a series of films from TACHY Studios that explores a dystopian Scotland after the government has collapsed and the world as we know it has crumbled. As well as a character study of its protagonist, the film acts as a discussion of society and how we perceive our government, those around us, and all of the everyday things we take for granted. With an overall title of THE YOUNG ONES, the series will focus on the younger generation who have become the inheritors of the decaying wasteland the country has descended into.

SAFE HAVEN introduces the character of Jo, an inhabitant of one of many undisclosed bunkers that were built for the children of privileged families after the world began to tear itself apart. Wanting to secure the hope for the future survival of mankind within them, the government envisioned that one day these children would rebuild the world around them, saving mankind from ultimate destruction.

Having been sheltered from the outside world for the greater part of her life, when Jo is released from the bunker she quickly discovers that the role she has been preparing for is very much irrelevant in this new world. To survive she must wise up, toughen up, and be prepared to do things she never could have imagined herself capable of. The rules of the game have changed, and what would once have been deemed illegal and immoral has become the only means of survival. There are some who knew the world before it all went to hell and others who have known nothing else, but one thing everyone understands is that in this dystopian future, it is frequently a case of kill or be killed.

SAFE HAVEN combines a number of influences, from the mistrust of government from THE X-FILES and LOST’s window into the lives and interactions of a select group of survivors and the moral ambiguity of each new introduction, to more recent shows such as THE 100 and REVOLUTION that explores how people survive one day to the next in an unforgiving world bereft of law and order. With barely a week going by without reports of greed, corruption or incompetence from those we elected to govern us (or, in many cases, didn’t), the film echoes questions numerous people are currently asking themselves about the ultimate viability of our own society, especially with regards to Scotland and the ultimate future of the nation currently in a state of such uncertainty.

SAFE HAVEN is not a post-apocalyptic film in a true sense of the phrase, as an apocalypse hasn’t actually happened. Rather than standard fare such as an undead plague, a demonic uprising, an extra-terrestrial assault, the whim of a capricious deity or the wrath of Mother Nature, the destructive creatures here are the ones created out of real people by the downfall of civilisation, and before them the corrupt government officials whose lack of both compassion and foresight was the real catalyst for human extinction.

SAFE HAVEN is the end result of almost a year’s worth of work from TACHY Studios, and in that time has undergone script alterations, cast changes and a retooling of the format from a web series to a feature film. The first part of the film has been made to show what the studio can achieve with a minimal and self-funded budget, and once fully edited it will be screened for potential investors in the hope of attracting funding to expand its scope.


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