News: Star Wars, The Thing, Dark Shadows, Max Payne 3, Man Of Steel + More In THE WEEKEND ROUNDUP!

Written by Kris Heys Sunday, 18 September 2011

Movie News

Extra bits n' bobs from this week's genre news!

* With George Clooney no longer starring in Steven Soderbergh’s long in development MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. reboot, the search is on for his replacement, with Ryan Gosling (DRIVE), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (INCEPTION) and Alexander Skarsgard (that tall bloke the ladies like off of TRUE BLOOD) all currently in talks.

* Here’s the first trailer for LOVELY MOLLY, the new horror flick from the director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Eduardo Sanchez...

* …Who’s STILL banging on about having another crack at a sequel to his hand-held horror flick twelve years on, saying this week - "I actually liked the sequel but at the same time it exists in a world outside of the movie. So if we want to do a sequel to 'Blair Witch Project,' we have to stay in that world, which 'Book of Shadows' didn't stay in that world. 'Book of Shadows' created a different world. It's like if the sequel to 'Jaws' started with shots of people lined up to see 'Jaws' in the movie theater. For 'Book of Shadows' it worked in a certain way but to me my biggest gripe with Artisan was you shouldn't have called it 'Blair Witch 2.' It would've been fine to call it Blair Witch Chronicles. It wasn't really a sequel to our movie. so it would be a direct sequel to our film living in that mythology of Burkittsville, being possessed, haunted by something." Well said. It is actually quite shocking that Lionsgate never bit these guys hands off considering how in vogue ‘found footage’ became, but it might be a little too late now. Luckily Sanchez isn’t planning to repeat the formula should the movie get the greenlight - “Right now, the idea has no first person in it at all, but we'll see. There's always room for new ideas to come in."

* Not long to go now before THE THING hits cinemas (and we find out whether it actually lives up to the promise of being more sequel than remake), so that means Universal has begun to roll out the TV spots. Here's the first...

* Here’s a really poor shot of General Zod’s back from Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL shoot. You’re welcome.

* Ashely Bell has revealed she will reprise her role as Nell Sweetzer in the upcoming sequel to THE LAST EXORCISM we talked about a few weeks ago, confirming also that Eli Roth will return as producer.

* To commemorate the release of the STAR WARS saga’s Blu-ray debut, the BT Tower in London was transformed into the world’s biggest lightsabre. (I challenge you not to make a "bizzzuuusssssccccch" sound while looking at it!)

* What with the controversy over those aforementioned Blu-rays these last few weeks it feels nice to be talking about STAR WARS in a positive light again doesn’t it? Well here’s more goodwill from the folks at Lucasfilm…

* Last STAR WARS bit, promise. We just thought you might want to know that scientists have located Tatooine.

* First pics of Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS are in!

* Director Roland Emmerich (THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2012, etc) has thankfully seen sense and passed on the ASTEROIDS adaptation. Good lad.

* Saw the movie, thought it was bollocks. But I hear the game’s pretty damn awesome. Here’s the first trailer for MAX PAYNE 3 from Rockstar…

* In other game news, here’s our first look at Chucky as he will appear in his upcoming videogame...

* While I wasn’t personally that excited by the news of the upcoming JURASSIC PARK anniversary re-release (never been a fan, and don't get me started on THE LOST WORLD), I couldn’t be happier about the rumoured plans to bring the 1984 classic GHOSTBUSTERS back to the big-screen this Halloween! And digitally restored no less! Now if they could just sort out all this GHOSTBUSTERS 3 nonsense.

* Fan of Joe Dante’s 1981 werewolf classic THE HOWLING? Yeah, you’re not going to like this trailer for the upcoming sequel THE HOWLING: REBORN…

* Aaaaand finally! While promoting the US release of home invasion flick TRESPASS this week, Nicholas Cage revealed he once found himself in a similar situation – “It was two in the morning. I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife. I opened my eyes, and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed." The mental was eventually arrested, but Cage soon vacated the house, never to return. What with this and his widely reported ghost problems, seems Cage might be best advised switching estate agents.

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