AMERICAN GUINEA PIG Gets First Gory Images

Written by Martin Unsworth Thursday, 07 August 2014

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A month or so ago, we announced AMERICAN GUINEA PIG - the Western reboot of the infamous Japanese torture series - was in the works, now, as filming is well underway, the first gory images have emerged, as well as a brilliant press release, created to perpetuate the 'snuff' myth and drum up attention. Well, it worked. It's pitched perfectly, and if director Stephen Biro and Unearthed Films can keep up this level of involving fun, and back up the gore with a little more substance, then AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE might be something the blood-starved gorehounds have been waiting for.   

Be warned, the images (which you can find after the PR and a spoiler/warning gap) are incredibly intense, NSFW and likely to disturb, deprave and corrupt. You've already looked, haven't you?

That genius press release in full:

In 1986, an infamous Japanese manga artist and a high-level actor in the US, received packages in the mail. One received a video tape. The other, received a Super 8MM reel of film, a 16-page letter and several photographs. Both watched them and quickly turned the evidence over to the local authorities. The Japanese artist decided to recreate what he saw. He added and changed what he witnessed... for his own country and fan base and came up with, “The Flower of Flesh and Blood”. The first of an infamous series of films in Japan that was quickly banned by the Japanese Government after a homicidal paedophile used the film to recreate scenes during his own killing spree.

Now, after two decades... another film has resurfaced. This film was discovered in 1989. It's been sitting in an evidence room, in the Ukraine and due to the chaos of that region and Police Forces shutting down in 2012. The film, was sold to the highest bidder and has made it's rounds in Europe and then to America.

As evidence mounts and police agencies work together, more movies are surfacing. Due to the sophisticated network of each countries police force, films are being unearthed and brought out of the underground. Each agency has found that a clandestine of financially backed, “Filmmakers” are creating snuff films, with specific nuances and story lines for each “Producers” individual taste. A total of 8 films have been catalogued as of now. Dates range from 1980 to 2012. We expect many more will surface as the investigation continues.

We ask, that each government task force, only allow members that are working on this specific case to view this. We are going after a structured, highly trained group that have been working, for 30 years and only now... has it become apparent of their operations. No one has been caught. The only evidence we have is the films themselves.

Due to the victims' families and social interaction of online resources, each copy of this film is tagged with an underlying marker for each unique agency for each country. Do not make copies.

Any questions or leads on forensic video science should contact me immediately.

Chief of International Abuses and Slave Trafficking.
INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation


More on this, as and when we get it. Are you looking forward to it? Too extreme for today's sensibilities? Let us know by contacting us through the usual channels.


Now here's your last warning... Extreme pictures after the gap...



























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