News: SOURCE CODE Gets a TV Spin-Off

Written by Animal Johns Friday, 16 September 2011

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Fans of Duncan Jones's SOURCE CODE - prepare to be happy! Fans of Gyllenhaal - prepare to be less so!*

ABC Studios have bought SOURCE CODE producer Mark Gordon's take on a serialised version of the movie, which will revolve around the wacky adventures of more Source Code agents tasked with time-travelling into the consciousnesses of others. And solving stuff!

While details are still scant at this stage, we do know that former LOST writer Steve Maeda is the first to be assigned writing duties, with Philippe Rousselet hired as a consulting producer (and as we all know if you want your producing consulted right, Phil's your go to guy). Alarmingly there's still no word on Zowie's-- sorry, Duncan's involvement. Expect the show to debut next September should the Pilot get picked up.

Just one problem, SOURCE CODE guys - how are you possibly going to disguise the fact this concept is basically just a QUANTUM LEAP rip-off now?

* He won't be in it obviously, sorry about the misleading pic, couldn't find anything else.

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