News: Early Test Footage From Comic Book Adaptation THE GOON

Written by Animal Johns Thursday, 15 September 2011

Movie News

The feature length animated adaptation of the acclaimed Dark Horse comic book THE GOON has been on the cards for years now. Sadly, despite having director David Fincher on board as producer, Clancy Brown & Paul Giamatti providing the voices, the project still awaits funding for completion! But that hasn't stopped Blur Studios from continuing to work on it. What follows is some very entertaining test footage just released by said animation company, and we're sure you'll be just as puzzled as we are that the flick is still struggling to get financed...

Now if you thought that showed promise, the video Blur Studios released last year will knock your socks off - here it is for those who didn't catch it...

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this project can move forward soon.

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