News: Watch The First DOG SOLDIERS 2 Teaser Short 'RED'

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 13 September 2011

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While not a fan myself, I'd be remiss to ignore the rabid fanbase the original DOG SOLDIERS has gathered over the 9 years since its release. And for all you fans of Neil Marshall's werewolf opus, good news - the sequel is currently in development over at Kismet Entertainment! Unless you're concerned about the lack of Neill Marshall involvement that is (and so you probably should, it didn't work out too well for THE DESCENT PART II after all). That could all change in the future however, so until further details emerge you can sink your teeth into DOG SOLDIERS: LEGACY, a web-series of shorts leading up to the eventual sequel. 

Here's Kismet Entertainment's first short, entitled DOG SOLDIERS: RED. Enjoy!

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+2 #6 Neil John Buchanan 2011-09-14 08:31
Cheesy, low-budget, lashings of gore, what's not to like?
0 #5 Jordan Royce 2011-09-14 06:58
Words fail me. I thought that bloody Hellraiser Film looked bad, but this is absolutely pathetic. Shouldn't be legal. If you punch someone in the face you end up in Court, Yet these clowns can subject you to 2 hours of this crap with no reprisals. Lets lock up these franchise Killers. They need to pay for their crimes!
0 #4 James Bond 2011-09-13 22:14
The original idead for Dog Soldiers 2 was to have a combiend SAS/NATO team deep in the German forest in tandem training that come across Frankenstein's castle with the monster still alive. Keith Carradine was up for therole of the U.S. colonel, but nothing every materialised out of it. I know that they wanted to do a series like Universal did with its monsters; Dog Soldiers vs. Dracula etc. but nothing came to fruition. Still, this might be pretty good. Pity they can't bring back Sean Pertwee's sarge back. He was great!
0 #3 Paul Mount 2011-09-13 22:14
Noooooooooooooo oo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+2 #2 jim 2011-09-13 21:58
Feelgood film of the year right here folks.
I'll be keeping a close eye on this when the Oscars roll around.
+1 #1 Andy Hall 2011-09-13 20:07
That looks awful. Camcorder awful. I'll probably watch the full film though, the first was really very good. Is this that Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat that was in the works years ago.

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