Matt Reeves Discusses Future PLANET OF THE APES Plans

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 15 July 2014

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Now the UK sees the release of DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES later this week, but director Matt Reeves has already been discussing the future of the relaunched series. Seemingly, the series is now at a point where it could easily be connected the 1968 original APES movie, prompting speculation of a possible remake (again) of the Charlton Heston-starring film.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Reeves said, “I think some people assume that we’re going to get back to the ’68 film, like, next. And actually… no. People have asked me, ‘Isn’t it boring, because you know how it’s going to end?’ And I say that’s the best part about it. How do we get from here to there?”

He continued, “It could be many movies. I think there are a lot of interesting stories that come, not only from Caesar, but from what comes after Caesar, his children, and his children’s children. What happens when humans return? All of those stories… it’s so rich. And I think that it’s so cool that we know how it ends without knowing how we get there. Because that becomes the fuel for these stories. So it’s not going to be next, for sure. We are going to take a while to get there.”

From what we’ve seen so far, Reeves and 20th Century Fox can happily stretch the story over as many films as they want. Additionally, the director is already signed on for the third of this relaunched damn, dirty apes series, which is scheduled for a 29th July, 2016 release. In the meantime, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Starburst Magazine for everything you could ever wish to know about the PLANET OF THE APES franchise.


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