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Written by Kris Heys Saturday, 10 September 2011

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BACK TO THE FUTURE seems to be everywhere this week, what with the rumours of a remake circling (please God no), the reveal of just what that bizarre Argentinean viral vid was all about (bit disappointing to be honest), and Nike’s unveiling of their MAG line of shoes that are directly inspired by Marty McFly’s kicks in PART II (though they don't self-lace. Again, disappointing). 

It’s all still very interesting though - and who can deny what a joy it is to see Christopher Lloyd back as Doc Brown - so we thought we’d compile all the hoopla into a bonus BACK TO THE FUTURE-inspired roundup! Enjoy...

First up, to recap, here’s that first viral video from Argentina that stumped us all a few weeks back…

Which was followed by this…

And sadly resulted in this. A commercial for electronics store Garbarino. Oh.

Can’t fault the campaign, I guess – it definitely scored Garbarino worldwide recognition. If only Tandy had come up with the idea first.

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II has always suffered from the accusation it was a little heavy on the ol’ product placement, but at least the Nike shoes Marty rocked didn’t actually exist! Well, they do now. Kinda.

Here’s the first commercial starring SNL’s Bill Hadar and a guy involved in sports hence I’m completely unfamiliar with….

Fun, right? This is less so…

Didn’t L.A. Gear do the whole light gimmick back in the early 90’s? But let’s not be too harsh, it’s all for a great cause. Over to the legend that is Michael J. Fox himself to explain all…

Can’t argue with that. But if you’re thinking of snagging a pair for yourself, it’s probably best you watch this…

Holy monkey! $37,000?! I’ll stick to the 2-year old Duffs I bought from TK Max thankyouverymuch.

So what of the sequel/remake rumours? Well, earlier in the week the producer of the beloved trilogy Tweeted the following, sending fans into a frenzy…

Thankfully he was only talking about the shoes. Probably should have re-worded it. But let's face it, as much as we adore these films would anybody really want a sequel? And at least we can rest easy on the threat of a remake. For the time being anyway.

Ok Mattel, Nike's (almost) lived up to their end of the bargain. Now where's our hoverboard dammit!

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