SAW Director Set for Sci-Fi Thriller

Written by Dominic Cuthbert Friday, 11 July 2014

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Think what you like about the SAW franchise, bemoan the slew of poor sequels in the wake of the first interesting instalment (that debuted a staggering ten years ago!), but Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed the second, third and fourth in the series, was clearly having a blast (critical pannings aside). Bousman isn’t a bad directed, per se, it’s mostly just a case of source material and style. 2008’s gothic schlock horror REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA was a hoot and has already achieved cult status.

The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that Bousman is set to direct APEX, an indie action-sci-fi flick from 2511 Productions. The plot has been described as a cross between PREDATOR and CALL OF DUTY, which follows a Special Ops team sent to obtain a weapon of mass destruction from North Korea and in doing so are transported to another world. This, of course, leads to the team up against a hostile alien race.

Bousman has described the film as "a love letter to the sci-fi films I grew up watching with my dad, such as ALIEN, PREDATOR, ENEMY MINE, TREMORS. But I also want it to have the more modern feel of some of the recent video games I am currently playing, like HALO and CALL OF DUTY."

The screenplay, written by James E. Cavanaugh has a specific focus on current trends in physics and biology. Alongside Cavanaugh, are producers Jo Di Maio (KID CANNABIS) and Arron Ray (V/H/S).

The producers are keen to unveil key art and alien designs at this year’s Comic-Con. We’ll forgive Bousman for the SAW films if he pulls this one out of the bag!


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