Movie News: Fife's Fantastical FAIRY FLAG Finishes Final Filming

Written by Andrew Marshall Friday, 27 June 2014

Movie News

In the untamed wilds of the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, THE FAIRY FLAG, branded as “the biggest Scottish independent film in 20 years,” has completed its location filming.

Based around the myths of a genuine relic (it’s got a Wikipedia page and everything) that affords supernatural aid to those who live and fight under its banner, the film will be a mash-up of fantasy, romance, action and genuine historical events. The official synopsis is below:

The Fairy Flag (Am Bratach Sìth in Gaelic) now resides with the Clan Macleod on the Isle of Skye, Scotland within the island stronghold of Dunvegan Castle. The flag came to them when a mysterious maiden discovered on a battlefield entered their lives. What resulted was the stuff of legend!

Iain Breac Macleod is the young leader of the Clan Macleod. He has fought and won countless battles against rival clans, but nothing could prepare him for his greatest challenge. An onslaught from a band of mercenary English soldiers led by the vicious Rafe, hellbent on claiming Dunvegan Castle and the Isle of Skye as their own.

But something else stirs amongst the heather. A strange woman called Titania has wandered into the lives of the Macleod Clan and there are whispers of the supernatural echoing around the castle walls.

Iain must muster up all his courage if he is to survive not only on the battlefield, but also within his heart.

Despite the name of the film, these fairies are not the kind you might be used to. Rather than the simpering, sparkly, pseudo-Disney twinkling insects so beloved of hyperchromatic fantasy settings, these fairies are of the sword-swinging, bloodletting, ass-kicking supernatural warrior badass type, part of a world where the women can kill you in a variety of interesting ways just as easily as the men!

Armies of local extras have been wrangled for battle scenes, which have been choreographed by Seoras Wallace, a screen fighter and stuntman who was Mel Gibson’s swordfighting coach on BRAVEHEART, and also feature Les Amis d’Onno, an equestrian display troupe from the Borders whose horseriding skills granted added authenticity to the recreations of historical battles.

As the film is only just about to enter post production a release date has yet to be established, but it’s hoped the film will be out by early next year. It will premiere in Edinburgh, London, Dublin and other cities, and has already been picked up for next year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Listen out for the cries of “MACLEOD!!!!!


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