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Written by Martin Unsworth Wednesday, 21 May 2014

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  Elstree 1976

With all the excitement about the new STAR WARS movies, filmmaker Jon Spira has made a documentary, ELSTREE 1976, focusing on those unsung people whose lives the film changed: those who were under the masks and costumes. But he needs your help to get it finished. Launching the funding on Kickstarter, he aims to raise £30,000, and is well over half way there already.

The film will include interviews with the actors whose small - often only one second or so on screen - who have attained a cult status among the loyal STAR WARS fanbase. We've all seen them at conventions and events, signing autographs and sharing their recollections. Now they will have a chance to have their side of the greatest space saga ever committed to film.

Spira's previous documentary, the fabulous ANYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR was a well-received look at the some great British indie/rock bands, so this looks like it will be something special.
From the Kickstarter blurb...

" In 1976, during the hottest summer on record, Star Wars was shot in suburban North London. Nobody involved had any idea how big the film would become, many couldn't even remember the title.

Yet, for the extras and actors in smaller roles, their faces hidden in masks and helmets, this seemingly insignificant job would go on to colour their lives even four decades later.

ELSTREE 1976 is a portrait of a cross-section of these people; from the man inside the most iconic villain in film history to the guy whose character was completely cut from the final film. It tells the stories of their lives and explores the eccentric community they have formed, travelling the world, signing autographs for fans."

Check out the pitch video:

You can support the film from as little as £3, with a download of the film for £10 by visiting the Kickstarter page.



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