News: Will Amy Adams Take a Job at Del Toro's ORPHANAGE?

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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ENCHANTED star Amy Adams is being pursued by Guillermo Del Toro (not literally, that would be weird) to star in his upcoming remake of the Spanish language horror film he produced in 2007.

Del Toro is once again handling the production side, hiring Mark Pellington, director of the excellent (though criminally under-seen) THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES to helm the project.

Talking about the remake earlier this month, Del Toro said that he believes this version will actually improve on the original. "Even when we produced the Spanish movie I had intended to remake it because we had a very different screenplay that, because of money and time, got turned into the movie you saw,”  he told Fangoria magazine. “There was this other structure for the original script I wanted to try. So even before we shot the first film it was an economic decision, a pre-existing creative decision, to change it.”

As for Adams, having seen her in many varied roles, it's clear she's a very capable and versatile actress. Sure, she can do cute in her sleep (the aforementioned ENCHANTED and her Award-winning debut in JUNEBUG) but she's also done broad comedy (TALLADEGA NIGHTS), and gritty drama (THE FIGHTER). Her transition to the horror genre (discounting LEAP YEAR) shouldn't prove difficult at all.

With Pellington calling the shots from the script Del Toro always wanted, coupled with another strong leading lady, will this be a rare remake that actually supercedes the first in quality?

It certainly stands even more of a chance if it rids the film of some of the more glaring plot holes in Juan Antonio Bayona's original, that's for sure!

Fan of the original? Do you agree with Del Toro that there's room for improvement? How about the pick of director and lead? Let us know in the Comments or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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