Movie News: Chadwick Boseman Open to Playing Marvel Studios' Black Panther

Written by Andrew Pollard Sunday, 30 March 2014

Movie News

For the last year or so, there’s been strong suggestions that Marvel Studios are looking at developing a Black Panther movie. Along with Morris Chestnut, one of the names that keeps getting linked to the yet-to-be-confirmed film is Chadwick Bosemen. Now, speaking to Black Movie, 42’s Boseman has been discussing the possibility of playing T’Challa.

The actor said, “As long as it’s character driven, I’d love to do it. If it’s just you in a suit and you with powers, then it doesn’t interest me, no matter how big it is. If they could figure out how to do Black Panther and make it fit the original or adapt to the times we’re in now and be new and innovative and be character driven and have the sense of what the comic book is supposed to be, but not bound by it, then yes, of course I would want to do it.”

When asked if there are any other superheroes he’d be interested in playing, Boseman replied, “What about Green Lantern?”

A Black Panther movie has been on Marvel’s to-do list for a while now. The King of Wakanda has had various ties to the Avengers team over the decades, meaning that there’s an easy way to implement him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just when that may be, though, that’s the bigger question.

With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY coming later this year, then AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and ANT-MAN set for 2015, plus confirmation of CAPTAIN AMERICA 3, THOR 3, AVENGERS 3 and a possible GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, not to mention heavy rumours of solo movies for the likes of Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Hulk… a Black Panther movie may have a little bit of a wait to hit the big screen.

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