News: "Noooooooo!" Lucas Makes Yet More Changes To The STAR WARS Saga

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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Last week we reported on a significant change to the upcoming Blu-ray transfer of THE PHANTOM MENACE - with Lucas deciding to replace the puppet Yoda with the CGI version that appeared in CLONES and SITH. As I said then, I actually don't mind that particular change - the puppet was oddly sub par (back in 1999 I even went as far to wonder whether it was an act of sabotage by Lucas to convince fans that "told you, CGI 'is' the way to go - practical effects are 'rubbish'!", but maybe that's taking it a bit far), and it gives his presence in the prequel trilogy uniformity.

But these new changes being reported are frankly terrible. I mistakenly thought I'd be used to Lucas doing this kind of stuff by now (there's been changes in pretty much every home video release to date) but no, colour me appalled. Especially in the second video below.

First up, in an attempt to even further hammer home the circular nature of the Saga, Lucas has added a little dialogue to the previously silent Darth Vader as he watches, tormented, as The Emperor tortures his son in RETURN OF THE JEDI. Remember how popular Darth's cry of "Nooooooo!" was in REVENGE OF THE SITH? Watch on... 

Annoying isn't it. Well buckle up, cos there's more. And we won't even bother trying to rationalize Lucas' decision with this one.... 

Why, Lucas, why?! What was ever wrong with Obi-Wan's howl in the first place?! Needless, and quite frankly baffling.

Boy, do we hope this is a colossal prank somebody's pulling, because if not - what other changes can we expect when we pop those discs into our players on the 12th of September.

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-1 #5 Prof Barnyards Quakermaths 2011-09-01 13:13
I for one am very happy with these changes, and want more of them. The tension is shown more by Vader when he cries out. I want to see puppet Yoda completely gone in all the movies. I am hoping that we get cgi ewoks, as i also found these a bit wonky. Let him change it all completely if it ends up better. What is wrong with that?? Crazy people!!!
+1 #4 jim 2011-09-01 13:05
Vader should be silent, in fact...

+1 #3 Mr Cheese 2011-09-01 11:47
Totally agree Robin - The silent conflict in Vader was awesome to watch. Now he just sounds like he shat in his hermetically sealed suit...
0 #2 Robin Pierce 2011-08-31 19:01

Vader's silence before taking decisive action spoke more volumes than that girly scream ever could. As for the Obi Wan scream - THUD - that was my head hitting the desk. Sadly, I'm still conscious.
0 #1 tim pelan 2011-08-31 15:51
That's not all, now Jabba has a MASSIVE front door. And Ewoks blink, although I'm not bothered by that.

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