Movie News: LIQUID SKY sequel?

Written by Shauna Askew Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Movie News

Slava Tsukerman recently revealed he is making a sequel to his cult film Liquid Sky! He is said to be working again with Anne Carlisle, who co-wrote the 1982 movie, and starred as both Margaret and Jimmy.

Liquid Sky is set in the New York club and fashion scene, which of course features sex and drugs, oh and did I mention there is a UFO?! A thrill seeking tiny alien lands on top of Margaret’s roof top and kills all of her sexual partners in the moment of orgasm, then vaporises the bodies! Although this film looks fun and flashy on the surface, there is a lot of darkness running through the film.

Tsukerman was a documentary maker and in parts the film has that vibe, he was documenting the time and the new wave subculture, but also takes us on a journey with some extreme characters in their trippy world. The whole film is visually very striking and is quite hypnotic. It influenced a lot of people with fashion and music at the time and continues to appeal to and delight people today when they find this weird 80’s gem.

Tsukerman has acknowledged that times have changed and some of the most interesting music/fashion scenes have moved on from just New York now to places such as Germany. He considered setting the film there, but decided it really has to carry on the story in New York.

As great as this film is, perhaps it should be left as a standalone time capsule, because can a sequel really have the same impact now when (SPOILER!) Margaret returns to Earth? If this really does happen, we shall find out!

Source: The Awl

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