News: Has The Title of BOND 23 Been Revealed?

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 30 August 2011

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With Bond 23 officially in development, we're now starting to hear whispers of a possibly title. Earlier this year we had reports that the production was working under the code name RED SHADOW, then we heard that had been changed to RED SKY AT NIGHT, but both seem to have been long forgotten about. Now comes the rumour (and we stress 'rumour') that director Sam Mendes could be going with, wait for it... CARTE BLANCHE.

Yeah, we're not really digging it either. So since there's been no official announcement (of which there is bound to be very shortly), where has this come from? Step forward Jelena Mihailovic, who claims that the producers revealed the title when asking the acclaimed cellist to compose the opening title track for the picture. (But let's bear in mind Mihailovic's involvement has yet to be officially confirmed either...)

Or could Sam Mendes and co be possibly steering away from Ian Fleming's source material for the first time and instead be adapting this year's new James Bond novel by writer Jeffrey Deaver? It was called... CARTE BLANCHE.

Here's the trailer for the book. Because for some reason books get trailers now...

We’re sorry for ever grumbling about the title QUANTUM OF SOLACE now.

BOND 23 (whatever it ends up being called) will hit our screens October 26th 2012.

If this rumour turns out to be true, would any of you be happy with that title? Any suggestions for what it should be called? Let us know in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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