Movie News: Early Details on INSIDIOUS 3

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Movie News

Whilst it’s been known for a while that INSIDIOUS 3 was happening, no further details on the project had slipped out just yet bar the fact that director James Wan wouldn’t be returning. Wan, of course, announced last year that he was done with directing horror films for the foreseeable future, choosing to focus on high-quality masterpieces like FAST AND FURIOUS 7. Fear not, INSIDIOUS fans, for a few details are now starting to come out on the third installment.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Leigh Whannell, responsible for co-penning the first two INSIDIOUS films, confirmed that the script for INSIDIOUS 3 is now finished. In terms of plot, Whannell reiterated what he told Starburst a few months ago; that the story will be switching away from what we’ve seen in the first two INSIDIOUS movies. As a result, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne will not be returning, although Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson) will appear.

No details are known as of yet on who will direct the threequel, although Whannell didn’t rule himself out when we asked him about it earlier in the year. At the time promoting INSIDIOUS 2’s home release, he said, ”I’ve thought a lot about that actually. I haven’t even made up my mind. What I want to do is write a third film and then, sort of, almost take off my writing hat and give myself amnesia somehow; read the script as though someone else has presented it to me as somebody else’s script and see if I really like it. If I really like it, I think there’s a chance that I could direct it. It really depends on how the script turns out for me and whether I’d be the guy for the job. But even somebody else directing it, if it wasn’t me, I’d want to be closely involved just to make sure that they really got the world of INSIDIOUS right.”

It’s no wonder that a third INSIDIOUS is happening when the first two films achieved such ridiculous profit margins. The first movie became the most profitable film of 2011, grossing $97 million for a budget of just over $1 million. Last year’s sequel took an impressive $161 million from a budget of $5 million.

Despite having no director at this point, INSIDIOUS 3 is already confirmed for a 3rd April, 2015 release.

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