Movie News: THE CONJURING 2 Summons a Release Date and its Leads

Written by Jack Bottomley Friday, 28 February 2014

Movie News


After its steamrolling (or should that be scream rolling?) performance last year, The Conjuring 2 was undoubtedly a must. As were numerous spin-offs so it seems. However fans can now stop wondering when the Warrens will be back however, as New Line and Warner Brothers have announced the release date for The Conjuring 2. And wouldn’t you know it’s around the Halloween season! The film is now set to haunt cinema screens on the 23rd of October 2015, which as of yet has not been snapped up by any other releases (surely can’t be long until a Paranormal Activity film makes its presence felt can it?).

Last year the film sent shivers up cinemagoers and raked in the financial results (all $318 million of them) and producers are prepping for the sequel to do the same. The, as yet officially untitled, sequel is not going to be directed by James Wan but is all set to star Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the leads once more, as Lorraine and Ed Warren respectively. Normally a Horror sequel to a success story leaves that feeling of “can it be as good?” and some films (cough, cough Insidious: Chapter 2) provide the negative answer. However we have a better feeling with this one.

Based, like the first, on a real Warren case, The Conjuring’s writers Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes have already interviewed the real Lorraine Warren to aid their scripting for this sequel. There are numerous amounts of source material to fuel a sequel, so let us hope the writers conjure up the same old school frights as last time. However before then we have the lovely Annabelle’s return to the big screen to look forward to, it’s all go, go, go for The Conjuring themed projects.

The Conjuring 2 may await an official title and director but arrives officially on October the 23rd 2015, unless (like last time) it drifts mysteriously into a summer release slot. Luckily the paranormal investigators here at Starburst will keep an eye on this particular spirit and keep providing you with details.

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