Movie News: More Horrendous FANTASTIC FOUR Rumours Appear

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 06 February 2014

Movie News

If last week’s synopsis of Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR turned your stomach, prepare to get that worried feeling again. Many comic book fans raged at the idea that Ben Grimm and Reed Richards were to get their powers in an accident at a young age, go on to become government agents, meet the Storms at a later date... and oh, Reed’s genius intellect would also be as a result of said accident.

Now, whilst the above news had many in uproar, the new word on the street could cause the online comic book community to implode. Similar to the two most recent FANTASTIC FOUR movies, it’s now being said that Trank’s film will also feature Doctor Doom as the villain of the piece. Here’s the kicker... 20th century Fox is apparently looking at switching Doom’s gender and giving audiences a female Doctor Doom.

Upon first hearing this news, we thought it can’t possibly be true. But, given some of the horrendous choices made by big studios in comic book movies, added to the other rumours we’re hearing on the FF reboot, it doesn’t appear to be as completely unbelievable as it would initially sound to the logical minded.

Along with this, further casting news persists that HOUSE OF CARDS’ Kate Mara and SHAMELESS’ Emily Rossum are the front-runners for the Sue Storm/Invisible Woman role, 26-year-old Miles Teller is leading the way to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, and that Michael B. Jordan is a shoe-in for the Human Torch. In some additional news, The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Christian Cooke’s name is now being thrown around for the Ben Grimm gig.

Regardless, casting news is expected imminently, with the film set to start filming next month. At present, THE FANTASTIC FOUR is scheduled for a 19th June, 2015 release.

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0 #1 Paul Carey 2014-02-06 16:51
This sounds altogether horrible. I never had a problem with the other FF films, but this sounds horrible. Please get Stan Lee or someone to tell them to stop it, NOW!

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