Movie News: GHOSTBUSTERS to Get the LEGO Treatment

Written by Ed Fortune Friday, 31 January 2014

Movie News

LEGO has announced that it will be launching GHOSTBUSTERS-themed toys later this year. The GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary LEGO set was proposed via LEGO’s own crowd-support website, CUUSOO.  Thousands of people voted for a GHOSTBUSTERS-themed toy and LEGO has decided that this particular idea will make it to toy shops all over the world.

3D artist and video game designer Brent Waller’s proposal included the iconic fire station and models of the entire Ghostbusters crew, including a very cute-looking and luminous Slimer. LEGO plans to simply go ahead with a model of ECTO-1, the  1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance that the Ghostbusters use in the movie. The toy will be based on Waller’s design, with pricing and availability still to be announced. The possibility of this developing into a full product range has not yet been ruled out.

CUUSOO projects have to be evaluated for suitability by a special review board, who assess the proposed projects for playability, suitability, marketability and licensing.  GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary had competition from other proposals, including a 75th Anniversary WIZARD OF OZ set, a set of spaceships based on popular indie video game FTL and another GHOSTBUSTERS project. Waller’s design was the only one to make it all the way to the production schedule.

Judging by the images that have surfaced so far, it appears that we'll be getting mini-figures of the entire crew; Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. I guess, technically, that gives you the chance to own a LEGO Bill Murray. Pretty awesome, no?

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LEGO Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!

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