Movie News: LEPRECHAUN Creator & Warwick Davis Teaming Up For VAMPRECHAUN

Written by Andrew Pollard Thursday, 30 January 2014

Movie News

We recently got the chance to speak to Sadie Katz and Mark Jones to promote the upcoming release of revenge thriller SCORNED. To many fans, Jones is best known as the man behind the likes of LEPRECHAUN and RUMPELSTILTSKIN. Whilst Jones was involved with the LEPRECHAUN franchise in various ways and at various points over the years, Warwick Davis was the star in every one of those films. Well, it appears that Jones and Davis could well be reuniting in an effort to kick-start another similarly-toned franchise, VAMPRECHAUN.

When discussing upcoming projects, Jones revealed, “There is another franchise that I’ve created called VAMPRECHAUN, which is a vampire bites a leprechaun and he turns into a vamprechaun. It’s a tiny little vampire. That’s one that we’re in discussions with Warwick Davis to play the lead, and Warwick and I will come up, hopefully if it gets going, we’ve come up with the next franchise.”

Like many fans, Jones also feels that Davis being replaced by pint-size grappler Hornswoggle in the upcoming WWE Studios LEPRECHAUN remake is a silly move, hence why he’s looking to do something similar with the actor. He said, “It’s a little bit, we’re sort of saying to Lionsgate in the new one... I think Warwick was the reason that people loved the LEPRECHAUN movies, so we came up with kind of a comedy horror that I think is bubbling right now and I think it’s going to go. In the next few months you’ll probably hear some press on it.”

Asked if there has actually been discussions with Davis himself about the project, Jones enthused, “We’ve discussed it, yeah. I had a number of phone calls with Warwick and we’ve discussed VAMPRECHAUN, so we’re trying to see if we can put that deal together. I think fans of Warwick will absolutely love it.”

The writer/director then added, “I think it’s a very clever way of using his popularity, him being the Leprechaun, my creating the series, and we’ve come up with a totally unique character that’s never been done. I think it will work well.”

Cane we expect to see something similar in tone to the first few LEPRECHAUN movies then? “Absolutely,” Jones responded. “There’s a lot of comedy. You’ve got a tiny little vampire who’s gotta bite people on the ankles as the neck he can’t reach, so we’re not taking this serious. It’ll have the vampire gore but it’s a comedy horror.”

Given the cult status that surrounds the original LEPRECHAUN movie, which Jones wrote and directed, the prospect of seeing Warwick Davis back in a familiar environment is something that most genre fans will relish. How about you?

First up, though, is SCORNED. The movie, directed by Mark Jones and co-written by Jones and Sadie Katz, gets its US release next week with a UK release to follow shortly. For a review of SCORNED and the full interview with both Jones and Katz, be sure to keep your eyes on Starburst.

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