Movie News: ANT-MAN Casts Clifton Collins Jr.?

Written by Daniel Hicks Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Movie News

The internet's favourite hobby of recent is to throw random names in to the ANT-MAN hat. It seemed to work when everyone said Paul Rudd would be Edgar Wright's leading man and was then indeed cast, as Scott Lang in turns out.

Today's main man is PACIFIC RIM actor Clifton Collins Jr. Somewhere in the depths of the Internet Latino Review have tweeted confirmation that Collins Jr has been signed to Marvel's ANT-MAN. Not only that, but they seem to suggest Michael Pena isn't signed to the film in the slightest... Yet. Heck read for yourself, here's the tweet from Latino Review writer Mario F Robles:

Clifton Collins Jr (Pacific Rim) will be in Marvel's "Ant-Man." As of now, he's the only other main actor signed, aside from Rudd & Douglas.

His twitter feed would also suggest that Edgar Wright has been in contact to address this announcement from this totally official source.

The fact that Clifton Collins Jr bares a slight resemblance to a young Michael Douglas goes aways to support the recent potential plot details that some of the film will focus on a young Hank Pym. So could we have got two Hank Pyms in one week?

Clifton Collins Jr has also worked with Wright before on SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, going some way to add a little more truth to the tweet. It won't be long before we get a grand old announcement, especially with rumours flying at us like tiny men in comic con footage.

ANT-MAN opens in cinemas July 31st.

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