Movie News: Chris Pratt Confirmed as JURASSIC WORLD Lead?

Written by Zachary Fox Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Movie News

It’s times like this you can’t help but wish that Universal had opted for JURASSIC PARK 4 for a title. I mean, they surely foresaw the possibility of signing on a star from hit comedy PARKS & RECREATION and then the irresistible urge of news reporters everywhere to make JURASSIC PARKS & RECREATION jokes right?


Anyway, Chris Pratt, a funnyman from the aforementioned sitcom, has long been rumoured to join the dino fourquel, presumably as the leading man – a gruff ex-military type, because who needs originality – opposite the already cast leading lady Bryce Dallas Howard. Given that Josh Brolin has been similarly flirting with the role however, nothing can be known for certain right now, but director Ron Howard (father to its star, Bryce Dallas) tweeted this recently:

@RealRonHoward: Bryce and Chris meet for the 1st time on red carpet they will be co-stars in next Juraissic‪

Seems like a sure thing to us! (Unless JURAISSIC is another project entirely and not just a hideous typo.)

It’s a good time to be Chris Pratt, as odd a notion as that may be. After scoring roles in awards fodder ZERO DARK THIRTY and MONEYBALL last year, he’ll be hitting the Marvel-sphere this summer in the galactic mindfuck GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If all goes well he’ll become a massive star just as JURASSIC WORLD comes prowling around in June 2015, not that Universal would capitalise on that or anything.

Also on the JURASSIC WORLD front we’ve got the confirmation that Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson will be playing Howard’s nephews in the film, and will almost certainly be coming down with a serious case of ‘run-away-screaming-from-the-beasties.’

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