Movie News: HEIR Rises on Kickstarter

Written by Andrew Marshall Monday, 13 January 2014

Movie News

A Kickstarter campaign has begun for short film HEIR, promised to be a graphic, perverse, horrific and grotesque example of practical effects horror. Produced by independent Canadian outfit Fatal Pictures, it’s the final entry in their Box Cutter Trilogy, a trio of thematically linked shorts each representing “different theories on the origin and operation of sociopaths,” and is looking to raise the comparatively modest sum of $17,000.

Their first two shorts, WORM and FAMILIAR, received rave reviews from the international horror community due to their tight storytelling and mesmerising performances from Robert Nolan, who portrays each protagonist with a deceptively bland exterior, a mask of sanity existing in utter dissonance with the volcanic vitriol of his internal monologue.

The official synopsis of HEIR reads:

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, Gordon and his young son Paul embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge a secret passion. Before the day ends a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned. HEIR is a monster movie unlike any other, it is a bleak and fantastical examination of one of society’s darkest taboos that aims to stimulate the mind and wrench the gut with equal power.

Believing that people shouldn’t have to fund something without any presented credentials, the campaign page includes a wealth of details on the previous work of Fatal Pictures and their collaborators, including feedback received for HEIR’s screenplay, an impacting clip from WORM, a video of FAMILIAR in its entirety, and a quote poster showcasing the latter’s overwhelmingly positive reception (part of which, I’m proud to say, is a brief snatch from my own review of it).

A myriad assortment of rewards is available, such as sneak peeks and digital downloads; a limited edition DVD collection of the trilogy; an acting lesson from trilogy star Robert Nolan; the full rights to VESSEL, an unproduced Fatal Pictures screenplay described as “a unique combination of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE and FRANKENSTEIN”; and collaboration with Fatal Pictures on a screenplay of your own.

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