Movie News: Japanese Trailer Arrives for SNOWPIERCER

Written by Andrew Marshall Friday, 10 January 2014

Movie News

Although the UK release date for SNOWPIERCER is unknown at this point, the Japanese release is mere weeks away, prompting a new trailer to emerge, filled with new footage and more intense action than thusfar seen.

The story of SNOWPIERCER takes place in the near future, where an experiment to stop global warming went disastrously wrong and the resulting new ice age killed off all life on the planet. The only people remaining are the inhabitants of the titular train, a vehicle powered by a perpetual motion engine that constantly traverses the globe, defiant of the arctic devastation. Over the years, a stratified society developed aboard the train, with the upper classes in the front living in relative comfort while the lower classes of the tail existing in cramped squalor. And as is often the case with widespread enough inequality, a revolution is brewing.

It’s unclear at this point whether we’ll be receiving the original version of the film or the masticated edit to be fostered upon the US due to Harvey Weinstein’s contempt for the average cinemagoer. This version will see 20 minutes cut the film to reduce the social commentary and bring it more in line with a standard action film, and will also be bookended with voiceovers in case you’re too stupid to understand the story.

With SNOWPIERCER, director Bong Joon-ho (THE HOST) joins Kim Jee-woon (THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD; A TALE OF TWO SISTERS) and Park Chan-wook (OLDBOY; STOKER) as the next successful Korean director making the transition into English-language films.

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