Movie News: Huge Update on Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL Sequel

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 06 January 2014

Movie News

Right, with the arrival of 2014 comes a pretty big update on what we can expect to see in Zack Snyder’s upcoming MAN OF STEEL sequel. This particularly hefty update comes courtesy of Jett over at Batman-on-Film. Now it goes without saying that this is to be treated purely as unconfirmed rumour at this stage, but the guys over at BOF are usually pretty bang-on the money when it comes to their Bat-news.

Regularly privy to insider info, Jett gave away the following details during a recent Q&A piece. As mentioned, treat all of this as purely rumour until Warner Brothers confirms otherwise.

  • Neither the Martian Manhunter or Aquaman will be appearing in the MAN OF STEEL sequel.

  • It’s expected that, with production due to start early this year, Warner Brothers will release their first official look at Ben Affleck in the batsuit VERY soon.

  • Despite the presence of Batman and Wonder Woman, the sequel will still very much be a Clark Kent/Superman movie rather than a Justice League-lite picture.

  • Lex Luthor is definitely in! There will also be another villain; one who Jett refuses to confirm but who has apparently already been part of the MAN OF STEEL sequel’s rumour-mill. Doomsday, anybody?

  • The part of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is expected to be similar in screen-time to Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in IRON MAN 2.

  • It’s rumoured that Wonder Woman’s race of Amazonians may be some form of descendants of Krypton.

  • No Batman villains will appear.

  • The sequel’s version of Batman will apparently pull elements of the Caped Crusader from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, KINGDOM COME and BATMAN BEYOND.

  • It’s expected that the batsuit will incorporate some sort of armour, and there’s still the possibility (as previously rumoured) of seeing Batman controlling some sort of drones.

So, there was have it: a whole bunch of 'maybe,' 'apparently,' 'rumoured,' and 'seemingly' news.

Whilst none of the above is confirmed, the guys at Batman-on-Film are usually very, very accurate with their reports and their speculation. Personally, all of the above sits absolutely fine with this writer, bar the Amazonians/Krypton part.

What do you think? Think the above is all a load of Bat-bollocks? Intrigued at the prospect of a new Lex Luthor? Happy that the sequel is set to be a more Superman-heavy movie than expected?

Regardless of whether the above is revealed as true or not, one thing is for definite: Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL follow-up is currently scheduled for a 17th July, 2015 release.

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