Movie News: Kevin Smith Planning God-zilla Picture!

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Movie News

If you’re a Kevin Smith fan then you were no doubt dismayed to hear some years back that RED STATE was planned to be his penultimate movie. A hockey flick entitled HIT SOMEBODY was scheduled to be his swansong, but difficulties securing financing eventually forced the filmmaker to abandon it (if it sees the light of day now it will be in the form of a TV series). During the development period Smith then fell in love with the idea of returning to the characters that first launched his career back in ’92. A far more befitting end to his cinematic career, CLERKS III was promptly written, and was seemingly ready to go before cameras… until financing reared its ugly head again. Never one to sit idly by, Smith used the limbo period to hammer out another screenplay, the now infamous concept that is TUSK, and that would actually be his actual penultimate film, with CLERKS III following shortly after. Now Smith has surprised us again by revealing that he has yet another movie in the works (seriously, where the hell does he find the time?!), and is working on a script with long-time bessie mate, producer Scott Mosier. And it appears neither filmmaker was particularly perturbed by all those DOGMA deaththreats, because this is guaranteed to cause a stink with the God botherers all over again… Entitled HELENA HANDBAG (nice), the movie will see humanity allying itself with Hell to combat a Kaiju-sized Jesus on a rapture rampage. Yup, you read that correctly. 

It might be a long way off yet, what with TUSK to come later this year and CLERKS III (hopefully) next, but we’re already looking forward to what the newly reinvigorated Smith can cook up with such a ballsy concept.

Considering how fast TUSK came to fruition from it being discussed on Smodcast (HELENA was born there also) to going before cameras, we expect we’ll have more news on this very soon. In the meantime, get the full rundown on the project and more over at Smith's Facebook page.

How's that retirement coming along, Kev?

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